Cosmetyx has been active in the creation and distribution of premium quality brands for the professional beauty industry since 1998. At the end of 2015 we choose to switch gears and  transform Cosmetyx into a leading player in the international cosmetics market.

In everything we do, the centre of our attention is the fan of professional beauty products in the widest sense. For them, we continuously and passionately create and select professional and exclusive beauty brands with a great eye for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


Our headquarters and central warehouse are located in Kortrijk, one of Belgium’s most beautiful historic cities, our base of operations is situated strategically in the heart of Europe.

Outside of Belgium, we are currently active in many other European countries such as The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Greece. Our international ambitions, however, do stretch further and other European and non-European countries will follow soon!


To build a team which inhabits our core values and to create an inspiring and healthy working environment, stimulating a perfect balance in work and life. 

With the right partners create an omnichannel model, to offer premium quality brands that lead to mutual success and profitability.

To become the  n°1 independent player in professional beauty in Europe, present in 40 countries, by the end of 2020.


Within our team, we attach great value to the development of talent, a passionate can-do mentality and an amicable, warm team spirit. The core values that are an integral part of our DNA are the following: Teamwork * Honesty * Responsibility * Passion & Fun * An open mind & heart * Personal development * Quality & Innovation.